Forgiving Yourself

I spent years and years asking people to teach me how to forgive myself and let things go. At one point I even tried to find the answer in church. The church I went to taught us that we’re all forgiven because Jesus died for our sins. That was all good and well but it still didn’t translate into me forgiving myself. I even googled it. Yes I used to Google “how to forgive yourself”. There’s a wiki how page about it even but all the answers from everywhere sounded like gibberish. The answer is that there’s no formula. There’s no blinking 5 times and licking your fingertips. You just do it. You have a conversation with yourself and you just do it. I know how cos I did it for the first time today but I couldn’t explain it even if I had all the words in the world. There’ve been times When I had thought I’d forgiven myself but it was nothing like this. I had just accepted hore I’ve done shit and I must move on. Now I can say I’ve forgiven myself. Fully. When you’re ready and it’s time, it happens and oh my Lord its so freeing. It happens nje, you just do it. Amen. Also it’s best to forgive yourself for things the next day. In the morning. Kthanxbye


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