Fuck Logic

Logic says I’m too late
That the time I wasted not seeing you
Feeling you
Appreciating you has changed too much
That my failure to comprehend your gravity, your perfection
The fact that I could even remotely fall
Has lead us here
Where I can own you for a second.
Yet I can’t fully have you.
Where I can have a hand around your neck and make you say that you’re mine
That I can attempt to fill every second of your every day
Manipulate every thought of yours
Imprint your brain with thoughts of me catering to your every whim and then some
Burn the image of me on my knees serving you deep into your subconscious
Yet the black and white of us doesn’t exist
That boy meets girl..they live happily ever after won’t be us
That truly, I don’t have you.
Can’t and will never have you.
All of you.

Logic says I fucked up and I should count my loss and get the fuck out
That the situation has grown too complicated
That my failure has stolen time from me
That if I could reverse time then I’d say yes sooner
That I’d see you.
Cut whatever bullshit and jump in…
Reverse the current damage and life be simple

I love you
I will love you
I am here and sure as day, I am yours
The logic that says maybe it’s not enough
That maybe this will be too much..
Is the same logic that failed you
That got trumped by whatever madness possessed you
That made you stay when you logically had no reason to
That kept us even when I didn’t know there was anything to keep
So fuck logic
It has no place here
We can take whatever scraps of “it’s complicated” and mix with some ‘fucked up’ to make us
To keep us
It has no powers and makes no damn sense.
Only WE do.


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