A New Fear

Now that I got you there’s a new kind of fear
A strange fear
Familiar but unexpected
The original where I feared letting go
Breaking the walls down
Letting you in
The vulnerability to give you a peek
A license and key to me
When so many before you used this key to vandalise
It’s done.
You have it.
You have me
Now a new one comes in
How do we keep this up
Where do we go
How do we navigate the landmines of our pasts while building our future
How do we make sure those walls protect instead of separate us
Holding my breath waiting for an answer
Is now holding my breath counting minutes and dates
Making those weeks and days meaningful
The combination of all trying to avoid omnibus of old
It’s done, you have me, I have you but how do I keep us
How much of the formula do we keep
How much of new do we try and test
We defeated the gwababa and we’re Superheroes for it
Yet we look up and it seems the monster has a second cousin.
Here we go


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