Next Page

Next page. I’m reading but not understanding.
The letters and the symbols seem foreign to me.
Next page. “We don’t need no education..”
Keeps spinning and spinning in my head.
Fuck. I wish I had a teacher.
I wish I had an outlet for this anxiety.
This confusion. Boredom. Anger. Frustration.
I’m all alone drowning in graphs and drafts.
Marks and curves.
Possibility curves.
Prisons to my mind. Shit, now Queen.
“I want to break free….”
Damn the free world.
That piece of paper I’m being blackmailed with.
Next page. I’m reading but I’m not understanding.
I’m looking for meaning to these Greek symbols.
Geek symbols.
Education be damned. My freedom be sacrificed.
That paycheck man. That prestige. Status. Pride.
Black gown with colour or another band.
Fuck, let’s quit and be strippers.
Dance for RUBBER bands instead.


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