The Film-maker

Your words take me to a place.
A place far far away.
A place in my mind, my heart, my….
For every line you write, I feel your gaze on me and I shiver.
For every perfectly placed scene you create, I find myself getting lost in the sensation of love, lust, curiosity.
I want to be your star.
I want you to direct me.
Control me.
Make me…..
I know this is a different kind of picture.
The kind that I will never forget
The kind that will leave me with memories I can trace on every part my body where you’ve been.
That will make me feel like the world has never existed except for our pleasure.
That will leave me waiting for….
For that gasp.
That moment at first contact.
When the mix of pleasure and pain mingle in such a way that I….
Forget that split second before when I took that deep breath.
That deep breath you like.
When the mix of anticipation, excitement and fear had taken over me.
I want to watch you, watch me spin into a frenzy inspired by your presence inside me.
Deep inside me.
I want to be your masterpiece.
I want you to freeze this moment.
To keep it.
To treasure it.
To hold it, almost as tight as you’re holding me.


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