He Says I Should Write

Random question: Do you write?
I knew what he meant.
He meant, do I write poetry.
Do I put pen to paper and create beautiful works of art by stringing words together in a way that very few can.
I said “no”
No I don’t write, I’m too shallow
I thought it without saying it out loud. I’m too shallow to breathe life into a piece of paper.
To write that

‘deep in the valley of my spirit, I see enlightenment that pierces through my soul and receives my dead self that has been ravished by the cruel bitch that is earth. The same earth that is meant to nourish me. To mother me. Leaves me hollow and baren.

Is that what he meant?
Cos I can’t write that deep confusing shit.
Yeah I’m too shallow
He’s not shallow though.
The man writes poetry without words
I know. *shrugs*. Amazement shrugs mind you.
He doesn’t HAVE to write.
I think he writes because the brilliance that is his brain working with his vocal chords to create the magic that flows from his lips…….his lips….
Wait I digress, where was I?
Oh right the magic
It has to be cast in stone. Paper.
It shouldn’t just be for those lucky enough to be by his side when he decides to spit rhymes on a whim.
I know, cheesy. What?
For those stupid enough to leave his side for a moment.
THE moment when he does….
Thank God for pen and paper.
Won’t sound as fresh but hey, it’s still something.
So he expects the same from me?
He sees the same magic in me?
He’s insane
No I don’t write
I CAN’T write
Like I said
I’m way too shallow dammit!
You should, he said.
He knows I can’t say no to him.


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