Inconvenient love

I tell you to fuck off and you stand still.
Your time is really off and I can’t stand it.
Ok that was cheesy but from me, you like cheesy.
You’re not supposed to be here.
To be this good or perfect.
You’re not supposed to be everything I wish my person was.
You’re showering me with all this attention that I wish I got from him but here you are.
I’m not supposed…..wait….
Too many “not supposed to’s”. Damn the rules.
I want to be good and honour the agreement I made with my him.
I want to not like this attention.
I want to not look forward to your “good morning” texts.
I don’t want to find ANOTHER thing we have in common.
Another fucked up thing we know about each other that draws us closer to breaking the “not supposed to’s”. Shit.
Every time I tell you to go away, it’s me I’m trying to convince to stop.
To not cross that line.
To not fall.
Stupid me though.
That line is so far behind me that I couldn’t even identify it in a line-up.
Ok enough cheesy-ness.
Enough everything.
Go back to the friendzone and stay there.
Bring back the line. I need the line for my sanity.
For me to not ask myself questions I have no answers to.
For me to not suppose to.


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