WHY I’m a feminist

I was thinking about my purpose in life. Why I was born and I realised that I have more than one but at the moment, I know that feminism is at the forefront, like I admitted in my previous post that I AM a feminist. My aim is that when I die, I want to leave the world a better place for the girl child. For her to be HUMAN first then girl after.

I want for her life, social status, income, standard of living, self-worth and respect to not determined by her gender but by her character, by the fact that she’s a human being first. Not sub-human. Not second class citizen to the man. Should I go crazy enough to let someone stick a baby inside my uterus, I don’t want to worry if I find out it’s a girl. I don’t want to have to teach her how to avoid being raped because for virtue of being female, people believe they have a right to her body, her space, her soul. I don’t want to have to teach her that she’s powerful, that she has to listen to her self, her spirit and disregard everything that society says when they try to limit her. I need society to supplementing MY teachings to her about her abilities and worth. I want her to live in a society where she can be taken seriously when she stands up in class and says she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up instead of being pushed openly and latently to choose a job more suited for females.
I want her value to not be determined by whether a man puts a ring on her finger or not. I want her to never EVER even know there’s such a word as “lefetwa”. I want her to have a facebook account where she won’t have to deal with men constantly telling her that she’s not “wife material” because she doesn’t fit a certain narrow-minded idea of what women should be and act like.

I want her to be valued not by her dress size or what she weighs on a scale of skewed socially constructed ideas of beauty. I want her biggest worry to be whether she’s healthy enough to live, dance, work, follow her dreams and outlive me by decades instead of whether she’s beautiful or not when she outgrows a size 36 dress and has to wear 38. I want her to be brave enough to be her. All the time. I want her to be all she can be and more without ever worrying that she’ll be intimidating men into not marrying her. I want her to make choices that work for HER, not what she SHOULD be.

I want her to know herself, to express herself the way her soul allows, I want her to know that there’s power in her femininity, in her sexuality and to own both proudly. I want her to be responsible for her heart, mind, body, soul to make decisions that feed all those facets of her being instead of making choices based on whether she’ll be seen as a “good girl” or not. I want her to live life fully and if she happens to offend anyone with her power, confidence and femininity, well, they’re gonna have to be strong now cos she’ll be too busy flying a spaceship to apologise.


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