I do “give a fuck”

I’ve come to accept that we all “give a fuck” what people think of us and we all conform to society’s norms. Look as a living being, you are designed to give a fuck. That’s how you survive. You do certain things to fit in the herd and that way, they’ll protect you, feed you, show you affection and nature you. Most things are achieved better and faster in a group. Logic dictates that you stay in good terms with the group/community/herd in order to better your chances of surviving. Staying in these good terms means adopting social norms that are common in the group and abiding by them. They can range from bathing everyday to showing respect to elders. Wearing clothes to cover certain parts of your body deemed “private” to working to earn a decent living. Staying up to date with news in the world to forming relationships and getting married.
The problem is that people have made caring what people think of you and conforming to society’s ways into this monster that leaves you doing things you don’t want just for approval. A thing that only cowards to. Honestly there HAVE been times where people have gone so out of their way to fit it that they stopped being true to themselves. It was never meant to be this way really. Social cohesions was meant as a way to differentiate who’s safe to be around or not. The “otherness” of certain people warned us that they might be a danger to us so fitting in was basically the way to go. In the 21st century, things are not much different. Yes the technology is different and the way this conformity manifests itself is different but the basic instinct to “fit in” still remains. These days though it’s in our views on certain topics, the way we dress, live, communicate, consume, relate with one another and and and. In some way or another we all conform, we all care. The difference is just how much.
Ironically the “I don’t give a fuck” group falls into another form of conforming. The one that pretends to not care when in fact they do. Even if they don’t, fact is, they form a group of “outcasts” that have something in common. The need to be unique and different has thrown them into a box of like-minded individuals who according to them, “don’t give a fuck”. They too have adjusted themselves to another social norm. So basically, they’re back to where they started. The route was longer but it ends at the same place.
There’s no shame in caring what people think of you. In fact you SHOULD care. It’s not the cowardly thing to do. It’s the smart thing to do. We were made to live in community. The trick though, is not lose ourselves in all this. To not sell your soul for acceptance and to not forget to be you…a socially modified you but you nonetheless.


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