I AM a feminist

When people are against a certain group of people, they take the most unpleasant extreme of the group and use THEM to represent the group. The self-righteous, judgemental Christians to bash religious folk, the “terrorists” to represent Muslims, the criminal to represent young black men and the angry man-bashers to represent feminists.
I’m a feminist. For a long time I, along with a lot of other women have been afraid of wearing this brand because it has been turned into a swear word. Whenever it is used, it suggests that you’re an angry man-less woman who lives to bash men. The name has been made so unattractive that a lot of women, myself included have at some point fallen into the chorus of men who bash these Feminists. “I mean, they’re so extreme and angry/they can’t take a joke/they hate men/they just need to get laid/……”
We’ve taken a step that yes we’re all for women’s rights but gosh not like the dirty feminists. The label has been misinterpreted for decades now to intimidate women into thinking that once you wear it, you’ll be one of THEM, the outcasts, the angry man-haters, the lesbians(used as an insult of course), the stuck up bitches who can’t loosen up, who teach other women how to disrespect men, who want to BE men and who can forget about finding a man to marry.
The biggest crime these “feminists” have committed was daring to challenge the status-quo. For saying that maybe, just maybe women are human too and should enjoy the same rights as men. I mean how dare they? How dare they suggest that women have the same freedoms, rights, social status and respect that men seem to so freely enjoy and demand? Yes that’s what a feminist is, a person who wants men and women to both be treated as human beings. Human beings that can choose to live their lives how THEY see fit. Not for women to be regarded as better than men. Not for the system to oppress men, not for women to take men’s places, not for women to hate or disrespect men but for all of us to live in a society that treats human beings as, well, human beings.
Yes there are angry man-bashers in the feminist group. Personally I don’t believe that’s the right way to go about things but who can blame them? Until you know what it’s like to be treated like you’re a second class citizen, like you’re sub-human, that your body, your sexuality and mind don’t belong to you, that your fate will never be in your hands, that whatever you do or say will be measured by some skewed standard that will never be in your favour but always serves men, you’ll never understand. They’re a product of our society, of years and years of oppression and mistreatment. As much as I hate that the world has produced this group of angry and bitter women, I resent that they’ve been used to represent feminists in a ploy to discredit the movement by feminists to gain equal rights for men and women. By equal rights, I mean not only on paper but in real life too.
I’m a feminist. I AM a feminist and I will never again be made to feel ashamed of the word. I will not be made to feel like I’m some dumb, childish idealist who will grow out of it once she gets married and I will NOT be made to feel bad for defending another woman when she gets called a bitch for whatever reason. “Feminist” will no longer be a label that makes me cringe and want to explain that no I’m not one of them, I’m not a threat. It is who I am and I am proud.


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